Strong relationships are what matters in the end.

Our history

    • Axxion was set up on 17 May in Munsbach (Luxembourg).
    • Olli Kahn saved 3 penalties in the Champions League Final against FC Valencia.
    • September: The first Axxion fund was started.
    • Stock exchanges around the world crashed after 9/11, including the first Axxion fund.
    • Axxion moved to office space in Wormeldange in an old villa whose heating only worked sporadically.
    • People began paying in euros in twelve European states.
    • The success story of Akrobat Fund Europa began with its award as "Equity Fund of the Year".
    • Sven Hannawald was the first to win all 4 events in the Four Hills Tournament.
    • First Axxion TV appearance: N24 recorded a "Homestory" on the managers behind the Akrobat Fund.
    • Concorde, the Volkswagen Beetle and the Neuer Markt reached the end of the road.
    • Preparations for UCITS III were in full swing.
    • Saddam Hussein was pulled out of his hiding hole.
    • UCITS III and Facebook were launched.
    • Axxion, an investment management company with 5 employees at the time, moves back to larger premises in Munsbach.
    • Greece was euphoric (once again): they won the European Football Championship under Otto "Rehakles" and hosted the Summer Olympic Games.
    • Axxion gave its first presentation at the FONDS professional conference in Mannheim.
    • "Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil" was number 1 in the German charts for 10 weeks.
    • A German cardinal became the Pope and Angela Merkel became Federal Chancellor.
    • Axxion balance sheet at the end of the year: managing around EUR 550 million with 7 employees.
    • 10 Axxion employees celebrated the company's 5th anniversary.
    • Germany came top of the medals table at the Winter Olympics in Turin.
    • Axxion exceeded a fund volume of EUR 1 billion and over 100 funds.
    • The team celebrated these figures with a weekend in London.
    • The moustache became a real trend in Germany when Heiner Brand coached the German team to victory in the Handball World Championship.
    • The flat-rate withholding tax about to come into force caused Axxion to launch 39 funds with a total of 50 unit classes in 12 months.
    • The 1 May and Ascension Day public holidays fell on the same day for the first time.
    • Axxion organised a shared stand for clients at Invest in Stuttgart for the second time.
    • "Ailing banks" became the dirty words of the year.
    • Axxion was now managing a fund volume of more than EUR 2 billion.
    • The successful Axxion team consisted of 16 people.
    • Obama convinced the USA and the rest of the world with "Yes, we can!".
    • Now 20-strong, the team wreaked havoc in the kitchen of Axxion founder Thomas Amend at the shoot for the traditional Advent calendar.
    • Thanks to Lena Meyer-Landrut, Germany finally won the Eurovision Song Contest again after its last victory in 1982.
    • Axxion celebrated its 10th anniversary and set up its subsidiary navAXX in order to be able to offer a one-stop shop for fund accounting and investment account management in future.
    • Compulsory military service in Germany was abolished.
    • Pierre Girardet became CEO at Axxion und UCITS IV was launched as the new directive for the world of funds.
    • Prince William married Kate Middleton.
    • Axxion subsidiary navAXX began operations on 1 January. 75 funds were migrated.
    • Felix Baumgartner parachuted from the stratosphere and broke the speed of sound.
    • Axxion moved to Grevenmacher.
    • Axxion founder Roman Mertes and Pope Benedict both retired.
    • Axxion cracked the EUR 4 billion mark and expanded its range of services to funds governed by German law.
    • The German national football team entered the record books, scoring 7–1 against the hosts, Brazil, in the World Cup.
    • The annual "Fonds-Forum" Axxion client event was held for the 10th time. The anniversary event was in Amsterdam. The hotel was on board a ship and Axxion accidentally set sail on its maiden voyage.
    • The highest temperature in Germany since records began was recorded in Kitzingen in Bavaria, reaching 40.3°.
    • Axxion reached its 15-year anniversary. The fund volume managed exceeded the EUR 5 billion mark.
    • Leonardo di Caprio won his first Oscar.
    • The first umbrella fund set up by Axxion itself was launched in July 2016 – the start of a small revolution.
    • Many were left shaking their heads after the Brexit vote and the US presidential elections.
    • The Axxion team has now grown to reach 40 employees.
    • Donald Trump officially became the President of the USA.
    • The Axxion website was relaunched. 
    • Roaming charges were abolished.
    • Axxion took over Frankfurter Aktienfonds für Stiftungen, worth EUR 2.2 billion, on 1 October.
    • Our customer event "Funds Forum" takes place in Strasbourg for the first time in France.
    • Axxion continues to grow, heading for 150 funds, 50 employees and EUR 9 billion under management by the middle of the year.
    • The German national football team is less successful and already got eliminated at the World Cup in Russia in the preliminary round.
    • Facebook data scandal: Mark Zuckerberg does not like that.
    • 50 years since the first humans landed on the moon. 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. And Axxion turns 18 - yippie, finally of age ;-)
    • E-Scooter hype in Germany vs. Baby boom at Axxion. 5 new mothers and fathers in our ranks.
    • We welcome our new Axxion godchild Beny. Our goal: to increase his quality of life.
    • Fridays for future worldwide. Axxion is also becoming more sustainable, spruce trees instead of advent calendars. #AxxionForFuture


    • Since January 24, Axxion has been "dualistic", with the Management Board and Supervisory Board at the top. New on the board: Stefan Schneider.
    • Prince Harry and Meghan pull through the "megxit", while the brexit remains unclear.  

Our company

The "balance of partnership" is the foundation of successful cooperation for us.

Flexibility, client proximity, competence and independence aren't mere advertising clichés to us – they are the very core of our corporate thinking. They are the reason the Axxion founders chose to develop an investment company that was independent of banks.

As an owner-led company, we ensure that our decision-makers and representative are there for our clients for the long haul. The problems typical of large corporations are simply not an issue at Axxion: Axxion clients have no need to worry about mergers, restructuring or lengthy decision-making paths.

There is no client ranking at Axxion. When we agree on a partnership with a client, we focus our full attention on the fund project – irrespective of whether it is particularly innovative or a traditional project. Our business focus is solely on funds – private label funds!


Facts and figures

  • Founded: In May two thousand and one
  • Fund volume managed: more than EUR 12,000,000,000.
  • Number of investment funds: around 170 with over 300 unit classes
  • Employees: 70 committed and competent people
  • Structure: different, independent and owner-led
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